What is the Scrub Cup?
The Scrub Cup is a tournament for Overwatch players with rank gold or below (2500 SR or lower). It’s a great opportunity to play the game competitively and have fun while learning and improving.
When is the Scrub Cup? How often do you have it
This tournament generally happens alongside the Overwatch competitive seasons, and runs roughly the same length (2 months). Stay tuned for the announcement for our next Scrub Cup!
When do matches take place?
Games must be played either Saturday or Sunday. During group stages, coaches and teams will work together to schedule the games they must play. All games must be scheduled in one of the following time slots:
All times are in EDT (NA) or CEST (EU).
What if my SR is 2501? What I'm only level 49?
For signup, 2500 SR is a hard cap. We can talk about it if you are below level 50, please join our Discord and DM an admin.
What if I want to volunteer to help out behind the scenes?
Sure! You can try your hand at casting (no previous experience required) or coaching (at least Diamond rank). Hop into our Discord and introduce yourself!
How do you prevent smurfing?
We have a very thorough anti-smurf screening process. While we hope that players who are above our requirements would choose to help in other ways, we do acknowledge that some players will try to smurf. We intentionally do not have any prizes, and the admins, moderators, attendants, supports, and coaches are always on the lookout for anything that looks even remotely like smurfing. If we suspect a player of being a smurf, we review their gameplay, vods, profiles, and any other data we deem relevant in order to make a determination. In the end, the sanctity of the tournament is more important than the ego of a single player. We will take any means necessary to protect the gameplay experience for our players.