Scrub Cup Rules

Note: Rules have been updated for SC 5


  • All matches are played as a Best of Five (Bo5).
  • Control Maps are played as a Bo5.
  • If the match is tied, a Bo3 tiebreaker will be played on Nepal.
    • (This match is only played if each team wins 2 maps and draws on the fifth one. The tie breaker will only be played after all maps have been played.)

Map Draft

  • The following 9 maps are in the Map Pool:
  • Dorado
  • Eichenwalde
  • King's Row
  • Lijang Tower
  • Nepal (Tiebreaker Only)
  • Oasis
  • Route 66
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Volskaya Industries

Map Draft Process

  • To determine which map is played first, teams ban maps one by one until one last map remains. This map will be played first.
    • First ban is decided by a coin toss
      Whoever bans second gets to choose Attack or Defense on the first map
  • After the map is played, the winner of the map bans a map from the pool
  • The loser picks one of the remaining maps.
    • You can only pick maps that haven’t been played yet
      Winner picks Attack or Defense
  • Repeat for each map that is played..


  • Team A wins the coin flip and bans first. Team A and B ban all maps till Temple of Anubis remains.
  • Team B chooses Defense.
  • Team B wins Temple of Anubis
  • Team B bans Oasis
  • Team A picks King's Row
  • (Team B picks Attack)


  • Ruleset: Competitive
  • Note: Control Maps will be BO5 (as opposed to the competitive setting of BO3)
  • Hero Selection Limit: 1 per team
  • Killcam: Off
  • Brigette disabled.
  • Everything else: Default settings


  • Only the following people are permitted in the game lobby:
    • Players
      Scrub Cup Staff
  • The lobby leader must be a member of the Scrub Cup staff.
    • Their responsibilities include:
        Setting the correct rules and maps, as well as setting team names.
        Starting games and making sure both teams are ready.
        Monitoring chat and pausing the game, if necessary.


  • A team is allowed to substitute a player if a player has to drop out due to an emergency.
    • A substitute has to fulfill all requirements for the Scrub Cup.
      The substitute can be at most 200 SR higher than the person they are subbing for.
        Example: Player A with SR 1500 has to drop out. The substitute for the player must have an SR that is lower than 1700.
      The substitute must either be a player from another team not in your tournament group or a verified substitute (look for the “Substitute” role on Discord)
      Preference for the selection of the substitute will be made to those people who have already been verified and meet all requirements.
  • Substituting is not permitted during a game!
    • Teams can continue with five players or forfeit the game.
      A “game” is defined as a complete map, i.e. both teams have played Attack and Defense and have no time left on the clock, or have played all sides on a Control Map.
      A “round” is one phase of attacking or defending or one point on KotH
      A match” is a full set of up to multiple maps, until one team has reached the required amount of wins.
  • A substitute can be brought in after each game.
  • For disconnects or short absences, please refer to the “Pause” section below


  • Teams may request a pause due to an emergency.
    • Pauses are not for strategic discussions or pep talks! There is strictly no talking about the live game during a pause.
      Emergencies are: Disconnects, unforeseen extended lag spikes (>300 ms), hardware problems, health problems.
      Pauses can only occur before or after fights! If a pause is requested during a fight, the attendant will wait for the end of the fight before pausing.
  • Pauses during a round may last a maximum of three minutes
    • A “round” is defined as a team finishing their attack or defense, or a team winning a point on a Control Map.
  • Pauses between rounds may last a maximum of three minutes, unless both teams agree on an extension
  • Between games, captains may agree on a break of up to ten minutes.


  • Teams must use a voice channel in The Scrub Cup discord during any official game matches.
  • Coaches may not communicate with their teams during a game and must be muted in discord.
  • Coaches are allowed to talk to their teams between games in a match.

No Shows/Forfeiture

  • If a team does not show up within 15 minutes of a predetermined match time, the Scrub Cup staff member will contact an admin (if not already an admin) to report the team. If the team is not able to be contacted by the admin, or is not able to meet during the predetermined time, the admin has the right to declare the match against the team who no-showed.
    • All matches are scheduled at predetermined times. Any possible conflicts must be worked out prior to the day of the match. It is important to disclose any issues to Scrub Cup Staff prior to the day of the match to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.

Group Stage Advancement

  • The Scrub Cup tournament is broken into 2 stages, Group Stage and Bracket/Finals Stage.
  • All teams will initially be placed in a Group which will play round-robin games. (If enough teams are available, otherwise, Scrub Cup Staff may remove the Group Stage and have only a Double Elimination Bracket Stage)
  • The number of teams which advance to the next stage are determined by the number of groups and teams in each group. The Scrub Cup Admins will determine these number and announce them after the teams and groups have been formed.
  • The method of ordering the teams to advance to the stage will be determined by the following criteria (ties will be broken in the following order):
    • The number of wins
      The number of maps won
      The number of wins against the tied teams
      (If all the above still results in a tie, a tie breaker match will be conducted prior to the seeding of the bracket)

Hacking/Bug Abuse

  • Any instance of hacking leads to an immediate forfeit of the current match
  • Anybody caught hacking will be banned from this and all future Scrub Cups
  • Scrub Cup admins will determine the punishment for the offender’s team, ranging from forfeiting the last match up to exclusion from this and further events.
  • Scrub Cup admins will determine if other games have to be replayed
  • The above is also valid for knowingly abusing any bugs in the game!
  • If any team gains an advantage due to a previously unknown bug, the match will be suspended until the Scrub Cup admins decide on the matter.


  • Any discovery of smurfing, or un-reported knowledge of a smurf in game play will result in removal from the tournament.
  • All coaches, players, casters, attendants, supports, and moderators are to report any suspicion of a potential smurf immediately to an admin.
  • Admins will take all reports seriously and investigate them thoroughly via multiple methods to verify the claim.
  • Matches held with the smurf in play will be re-played with a substitute.